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CAD/CAM Scanners

At NHS Dental Lab  In London NW1, we want to provide you with as many CAD/CAM options as possible so that whatever your patients need, you'll have a laboratory partner you can trust to produce high-quality CAD/CAM restorations. Peruse our CAD/CAM products to see how we can help your practice succeed in this exciting area of dentistry. 

At NHS Dental Lab  in London nw1, we appreciate your demands for quicker, more accurate and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations. Whether it is cosmetic dental enhancements or trauma-based surgical procedures, using our digital technology helps to reduce the delivery time for all types of dental restoration.

Our dental CADCAM suite offers unique and state-of-the-art technology, with accuracy unsurpassed by any other system on the market today.  It provides perfectly fitting restorations in a fraction of the time taken by the manual techniques currently used in the dental industry.

Is your laboratory offering dental restorations that have been designed using computer-aided technology and manufactured using the state of the art technology?

Patients: If you are a patient, is your dentist using restorations made using NHS Dental Lab  in London state of the art Dental solution


Meet the D900 scanner

- the “cream of the crop”

Earlier this year, 3Shape presented its latest technology wonder for 3D scanning in dental labs - the 3Shape D900 with color scanning capabilities. The new scanner combines advanced technologies with a strong focus on speed and accuracy - while providing new features for productive workflows and optimal user experience.

More cameras – more speed
The 3Shape D900 has 4 cameras, rather than the 2-camera platform found in previous 3Shape scanner models. While 3Shapes 2-camera D700 series and D800 series are already considered among the worlds fastest, the D900 takes scanning speed even further. With more cameras on board, the D900 can capture 3D data even faster. For comparison, the scan-time for a single die is 15 seconds on the D900, and 25 seconds on the D700 and D800.

Accuracy matters
Every day, labs all over the world are using 3Shapes high-end and high resolution scanners, such as the D800 and D900, to produce implant bars and bridges of an exceptional quality that few others can deliver.

Like 3Shapes D800 scanner, the D900 employs 5.0 MP cameras to facilitate the exacting accuracy required for production of high quality implant bars and bridges or other complex restorations. However, with the D900, 3Shape is taking accuracy a few steps further. The scanner is constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy to ensure consistent accuracy even in demanding lab environments, and the scanners optical system has been optimized for speckle-free capture.

Captures textures and colors
The 3Shape D900 combines texture scanning and RealColor™ scanning technology that allows technicians to capture their color guidance markings directly off the model, and bring these into the design process. For some labs, the specific color of the gypsum is a significant element in their work, and the D900 lets them duplicate this in CAD/CAM. As one dental technician stated while examining a D900 scan result on the screen… “Its like holding the model in your hand.”

New Multi-Die scan technology for high productivity 
The 4 cameras on the D900 facilitate a new high-speed Multi-Die technology that captures and registers all dies on the re-designed multi-die plate using a single scan-sweep, without mechanical processes to position the dies. This feature, combined with the many new technologies in the D900, make it the perfect choice for large, high volume production-oriented labs that are working with all types of dental indications.

See the video – Using color scans when designing Removable Partials
See texture color scans created by the D900 and learn how they can be used in the lab:
Video -  Dental System 2013 - “Removal Partial Design”



Inlay, Onlay & Veneers
The 3Shape Dental System™ fully supports the design of inlays, onlays and veneers, including automatic anatomy morphing. With these new important indications, labs can increase return on investment of their CAD/CAM system.

DentalDesigner™ makes even the most complex designs straightforward with its automated, intuitive design process. Technicians can design single inlays, onlays, veneers and inlay bridges quickly and more accurately than possible with manual design methods. During each phase of the design process, DentalDesigner™ calculates and intelligently suggests appropriate designs and selections, be it insertion direction, margin line, removal of undercuts, anatomical shape or contact antagonist to neighboring teeth.

Once the technician has selected the appropriate tooth anatomy from the extensive built-in library, the program starts the automated integration and approximation. To create an optimal anatomical shape of the inlay, onlay or veneer, the shape is automatically morphed to match the original anatomy of the treated tooth, the proximal and antagonist surfaces. Yet, all of this automation doesn't mean that designs are inflexible. Technicians can also modify suggested anatomy designs using the state-ofthe-art sculpt toolkit.

Crown Automation
DentalDesigner™ automatically pre-models the tooth anatomy in place by optimally adapting it to the antagonist and neighboring dentition.
Imported Scans from Intra Oral Scanners
Intra oral scanners are likely to become a key component in the future of dentistry. It is already possible to import and work directly on scans from open intra oral scanners such as iTero from Cadent.
Over-pressed Crowns and Bridge in DentalDesigner™
Export files for the anatomical correct coping and a second one for the wax pattern. Directly pressed ceramics offer an efficient solution for full CAD/CAM crowns significantly reducing cost.

DentalDesigner's new automatic modeling functionalities pre-position the morphologies and automatically adjust them to the antagonist and proximal dentition. The powerful freeform Sculpt Toolkit delivers unprecedented freedom and efficiency in crown sculpting.

3Shape's new generation of AbutmentDesigner™ offers extensive new functionality for faster and better customized abutment design, scan of wax-up abutments and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling and integrated design of abutments, copings/frameworks and crowns. Finally, the number of supported implants systems are increasing rapidly.

Implants are estimated to be one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry and maintaining high profitability. The newest generation of AbutmentDesigner™ enables labs to make the most of these opportunities. Creating customized abutments, implant bridges and bars by AbutmentDesigner™ does not just increase productivity by eliminating the time spent on waxing and casting, but it also increases accuracy and esthetic results - increasing profitability and dentist satisfaction.

Currently, AbutmentDesigner™ supports a large number of different implant systems covering all major players. The actual implant system libraries used in AbutmentDesigner™ are offered by different suppliers including both original implant manufactures and third party manufactures. Please contact your supplier to obtain the latest list of suppliers and supported systems.

The actual materials offered depend on the selected supplier, but AbutmentDesigner™ can design single material abutments, bridges and bars or apply pre-manufactured CAD/CAM abutments to be cemented together with a modeled customized piece.