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NHS Dental Lab a full service  dental laboratory in London , specializing in NHS dental restoration and fullcontour zirconia crown and bridge (dental CadCam technology using the 3 shape® dental scanner), custom implant abutment, BruxZir, laser melt Cr-Co metal frame up to 15 units, E-max veneers...



At NHS Dental Laboratory Restorations, we take great pride in offering you quality products with the best nhs dental lab price in London UK. Our dedicated team uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM processes and equipment to fabricate each restoration, ensuring each crown or bridge is created with an unsurpassed degree of precision. The NHS Dental Lab staff is specially trained in Solid Zirconia, and our experience is evident in every case you prescribe. From crowns & bridges to Hybrid Custom Implant Abutments, NHS Dental Laboratory is committed to both dentist and patient satisfaction.


NHS Dental Laboratory Dental Restorations Offers:

  • High-Quality NHS dental Restorations Made in the UK London
  • Affordable, Precise Restorations Fabricated with Innovative Technology
  • Excellent Customer Service



NHS Dental Lab utilizes a digital manufacturing process that ensures high-quality restorations that exhibit consistent fit, contacts and occlusion. Combine this with our experienced team of dental professionals who fine-tune the esthetics and contours to your prescription, and the result is restorations that require little to no chairside adjustment.


NHS Dental Scanner for labs and Dentist as well 


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 NHS Dental Lab and the NHS Dental Laboratory LONDON, based in London UK. We offers high quality NHS dental laboratory products and services in partnership with London dentists, london dental laboratories in London UK. We will be partner every London Dentist, Dental laboratory in London and all dental laboratory in UK. Best nhs dental lab price in London UK